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Trouble shooting AYO light therapy glasses and frequently asked questions

The battery charging lights on the AYO case show up for a few seconds and then they stop.  Is that normal?

This is the normal action of the AYO case and its battery indicator.


When you make a connection (either between the case and a power source, or between the wearable and the case, when laying the wearable inside the case), the battery light indicator would blink for a few seconds to show there is a connection created and then it will shut off, to preserve the battery.

However, once you have made a charging connection, the charging process will continue (even though it is not blinking, unless you tap on the battery light indicator), until fully charged. 

When tapping on the case lights, you will see four red bars when fully charged.


I get an error using more than one program. What to do?

Once you set a program in the AYO app and start using your AYO wearable, you begin to adjust your biological clock in order to achieve a certain shift. 

This means also, that the majority of the time, the AYO programs are not compatible with one another.


Therefore, the AYO app would give you an error message, that you already have an active program in place and need to cancel it first, in order to proceed with adifferent program.

If you have an active: -

  • Travel program, you can only run the Energy program in addition to it.

  • Sleep program, you can only run the Energy program in addition to it.

  • Chronolink program, you can only run the Energy program in addition to it.

  • Chronofit program, you can only run the Energy program in addition to it. 


In case you receive an error message that you have an active program already in place, but you would like to start a new one, please go to SCHEDULE menu, via the AYO app and cancel any active program. 


Then you can start any new program that you would like.


Why is my AYO case not charging my AYO wearable?

Please make sure that the AYO wearable is properly placed into the AYO case, with the charging point of the wearable arm, touching the inside charging point of the case.

The wearable should be secure in the case and not able to move from its position.

Check the AYO case battery indicator, to ensure that there is sufficient power to charge the AYO wearable.  Gently tap the case where the battery indicator icon is located, to awaken the battery indicator and see the remaining available power.

IMPORTANT: The battery indicator on the AYO case displays the battery power status of the case, NOT of the  wearable.

  • If possible, connect the AYO case into a power outlet, via the provided micro USB cable.

  • Please allow up to two and a half hours for the wearable itself to recharge. Battery status can be checked via the AYO app.

For detailed information regarding charging, please check the General / Battery & Charging section.


Why is my AYO wearable not switching on?

Please note that the AYO wearable does not have a traditional On/Off button. 


Instead, by opening the wearable arms, AYO turns on automatically and then blinks quickly three times.


Closing the AYO wearable arms turns the device off.

IMPORTANT: Be sure the AYO wearable is paired and connected to your AYO app.

The main screen of the app – the Dashboard - will report if AYO is turned on and paired.


If there is a problem, please put the AYO wearable into the AYO case and let it charge for 2 hours before trying to turn it on again.

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