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As with any living thing, our AYO app is constantly evolving and new app screens, features and programs are being updated and added frequently. Our vision is, with your help, to keep developing new and exciting app programs that will help you achieve more in your daily lives and feel better!

Which GOAYO app program is the best for me?
How to use the Energy program?
How to use the Travel program?
How to use the Sleep program?
What does Chronolink do and how to use it?
What does Chronofit do and how to use it?


The answer to this question depends on what you would like to achieve with AYO:

- In case you would like AYO to help you adapt faster to a new time zone, the Travel program would be the best choice. Once you select the Travel program, you will need to enter your flight itinerary (i.e. departure place, date and time as well as arrival place, date and time) and based on your flight itinerary, the complex AYO algorithms will calculate the best time to use AYO and the best time to avoid light as well as provide you with a schedule to follow for maximum effect. 

- If you would like to have more energy during the day and sleep better at night, without changing your sleep/wake rhythm, then we would recommend using AYO with the Sleep program in its subprogram of "Without Sleep-Wake Change".

All you would need to do is select/confirm your current go-to-bed and wake-up times. Based on what you provide, you will get a personalised schedule in the morning to follow for best effect.

Using AYO in the morning will help you to have more energy/alertness during the day as well as reset your body clock for a better night's sleep.


- If you would like to have more energy during the day and sleep better at night, while also changing your sleep/wake rhythm (e.g. start waking up earlier and going to bed earlier than usual or start waking up later and going to bed later than usual), then the best choice would be the Sleep program in its subprogram of "With Sleep-Wake Change". This will help you to adjust your sleep-wake cycle.

(Read Blog for further information re energy program to adjust sleep rhythm)

First, you would need to select/confirm your current go-to-bed and wake-up times and then you will be asked to provide your desired go-to-bed and wake-up times.

Based on what you select, you will get a personalised schedule to follow for best effect. 

- In case you are a shift worker and you are not sure how to use AYO for maximum effect, please reach out to us at for assistance. We will gladly provide you with our advise as well as create a personalised schedule for you for best effect. 



Are you in the need of a daily dose of energy, especially during the afternoon/energy dips? Or you are eager to have more energy and alertness before that meeting, evening out, or during those dark winter days?

Then AYO’s Energy program is the right fit for your current needs.

Choose between sessions of 20, 30 or 40 minutes (the longer the program, the greater the effect) and start the program immediately.

You should feel the benefits of AYO as soon as your session ends. 

Try the AYO Energy program.

  1. Via the AYO app, select Programs and select Energy. 

  2. Choose between 20 (low), 30 (medium) or 40 (high) minutes to start using AYO.  The longer the program, the greater the effect.

  3. Start the Energy program immediately, by pressing the arrow in the centre of the circle.  (The user must be wearing the AYO for the program to start)


You may be able to feel the benefits of AYO as soon as your session ends.




Long-haul overseas travelers often struggle, when adapting to changes in distant time zones.

Select the Travel program and AYO will ask for your travel itinerary.

Based on your flight itinerary and user profile, the AYO app uses sophisticated proprietary algorithms, to calculate the best time for you to use AYO and to seek/avoid light. 

Depending on the direction of your trip and how many time zones you have crossed, your Travel program will vary in duration - from a few to several days. 

Try AYO's Travel program and make international travel more productive!

  1. Via the AYO app, go to Programs and select Travel. 

  2. Enter the required details of your travel itinerary: one way or round trip flight, departure and arrival date and time, etc.

  3. Based on your flight itinerary and your user profile, the AYO app calculates the best time to use AYO and to seek or avoid light.

  • When it’s time to use AYO, the AYO app will send you a notification.

  • Then it’s time to decide whether to start, snooze or skip the Travel program.

  • If you choose to snooze, AYO will adjust the total program plan and provide you with another notification when it’s time to start the session.

  • When you skip a session, AYO automatically adjusts future sessions to compensate for the one you’ve skipped.

Once you have your Travel program set up, you can always see your schedule in the AYO app (see SCHEDULE).




The Sleep program helps you to adapt your biological/sleep rhythm to a dynamic lifestyle.

Some examples include:

  • You experience difficulty waking up early in the morning and want to wake up easier, with more energy.

  • You feel sleepy early in the evening, when it’s time to work or play more!


Try AYO's Sleep program and adapt your biological rhythm!

  1. Via the AYO app, select Programs and choose Sleep. You need to set or confirm your current go-to-bed and wake-up times. During the installation of your AYO app, you should have already set those, so now you need to double check these settings.

  2. Then you need to set your desired go-to-bed and wake-up times so that you can adjust your biological rhythm. Please note that you are not able to change the duration (amount of hours of sleep) of your current sleep times to your desired sleep times. You can only advance or delay your sleep times keeping the same sleep duration.  

  3. Once you set your current and desired times, you are all set! The Sleep program will provide you with a daily schedule to follow, so you can adjust your rhythm successfully.

Please note that if the change is more than an hour or two, it may take you a few or several days to achieve a comfortable transition. 

You can always check your schedule in the AYO app (see SCHEDULE).

IMPORTANT: It is very important that you have allowed the AYO app to send you notifications. 



Chronolink allows you to pair your sleeping habits and biological clock with your partner or a friend.

In order to match your AYO with your partner's or friend's AYO, you will need to enter his/her AYO code. The AYO code can be found in the AYO app -> Settings -> My AYO Code. Enter that code under Chronolink and press OK to pair and start matching your sleep-wake rhythms. 



Chronofit can help improve your natural body rhythm. You can use it to promote better sleep-wake habits and increase your overall well-being.

Optimizing your sleep rhythm can help you get enough and good quality sleep as well as help avoid accumulating sleep deficit.  Moreover, to sleep better, you should try to sleep consistently. Training better sleep habits by having the same sleep-wake routine 7 days/week have powerful positive effects.

Chronofit helps you optimise your sleep, by implementing small daily changes.

Important: If your weekly sleep deficit is under 30 minutes, you are not suitable for using the Chronofit program as you are in a pretty good sleep-wake rhythm already!

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